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Present Improvements

Every season, we make improvements and changes to the Inn to help make your stay with us even better.


When we first arrived to our new lives in Meldrum Bay, we set to work revamping the kitchen and upgrading the rooms and living quarters. Just recently, we updated the roof, replaced all the windows and siding. The kitchen has been renovated with a new hood and new equipment. All the bathrooms were recently renovated also.


We added a full garden (watch the boats or read a book under the trees!), an outdoor firepit (gaze at the millions of stars!),  and high-speed wireless Internet access.


Since then, we've redecorated and added electric fireplace heaters to all the rooms, refinished the central staircase, and expanded the garden. Summers are always special for us, and it's when we see most of our friends and guests.

The New Brakewater!

After many years of negotiation and planning, the big news in the village is that the construction of the long-awaited breakwater is complete. For more than a century and a half, mariners have found safe harbour in Meldrum Bay, and this improvement provides for a safer and more secure harbour for more boats in all weather conditions.


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